Xevo TQ-S cronos Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

Transform your quantitative capabilities. Accessible reliable performance.

High performance quantitation, accessible to all. Routine testing doesn’t have to be limited – maximize your performance by expanding your analytes per injection and extending your validated concentration range, without increasing your lab footprint.

Delivering purpose driven performance, so you can:

  • easily acquire and review your quantitative data to meet your analytical and regulatory needs
  • target more analytes per injection and cover a wider concentration range
  • develop robust methods and easily set up your system for analysis

Reliable performance so you can meet your analytical and regulatory requirements

Save time on reporting results by using technologies that can meet requirements first time and every time. The Xevo TQ-S cronos is extremely robust and includes new reversed geometry sample cone that maximizes uptime, using technology developed from our award-winning QDa mass detector

Save time on method development and quantitative data review

It’s easy to transfer methods onto the Xevo TQ-S cronos using QUANPEDIA software, which enables databases of compounds to be stored with the appropriate methods. Discover new updates to our quantitation software.

  • New flags in TargetLynx summary bar make it easy to see any out-of-tolerance samples
  • Link your acquisition to processing methods to automatically update MRM function numbers
  • Automatically update QUANPEDIA retention times from processed TargetLynx data files

More analytes per injection across a wider concentration range

Quantify more compounds with each chromatographic run using ultra fast MRM acquisition rates of 555 MRM/s. Maximize laboratory efficiency by reducing the need to dilute and reinject in cases where components are present at extremely high concentrations with five orders of linear dynamic range.

  • Data quality at speed – peak intensity from an acquisition rate of 555 MRM/s is no more than 25% less than the peak intensity from an acquisition rate of 50 MRM/s
  • Wide linear dynamic range – quantifying samples with unknown analyte concentrations can be time consuming

Multi-residue pesticide testing performance you can rely on

An example of an application area that the Xevo TQ-S cronos excels in is multi-residue pesticide testing. Not only will the Xevo TQ-S cronos deliver accurate, precise results but it will also work day in, day out with minimal user intervention.

  • 204 LC-amenable pesticides tested in cucumber, tomato and capsicum matrices
  • Straightforward DisQuE (CEN) with PSA dSPE sample preparation
  • 1 in 10 dilution of extracts for excellent long term performance
  • Superior linearity and consistency of ion ratios to meet analytical and regulatory requirements

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