Xevo TQ Absolute

Absolute power to easily quantitate your most challenging compounds

Achieve absolute confidence to reach lower limits of quantitation even for challenging negative ionizing compounds with an instrument that delivers absolute performance – the Xevo TQ Absolute.

An incredibly compact, more sustainable tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer, the Waters Xevo TQ Absolute enables your lab to achieve and maintain high performance and productivity. With the Xevo TQ Absolute’s consistent robustness, significantly increased sensitivity for negative ionizing compounds compared to the previous product, and flexible software options, your lab can achieve time and cost savings with reproducible, complete results.


  • Absolute performance: Achieve lower limits of quantitation to meet regulatory requirements with up to 15x more sensitivity for challenging negative ionizing compounds than the previous product.
  • Absolute efficiency: Achieve improved environmental sustainability and lower your laboratory operational costs with an instrument that uses approximately 50% less electricity and gas and produces 50% less heat than most other high performance TQ mass spectrometry instruments on the market.
  • Absolute productivity: Boost your productivity with flexible software solutions, including waters_connect, the modern, intuitive  informatics platform that can save up to 50% of your data review time, while facilitating data integrity.
  • Absolute confidence: Ensure consistent robustness and reproducibility so you can maintain performance and productivity over a longer time period.
  • Recommended Use: Reach lower limits of quantitation and meet regulatory requirements, even for challenging negative ionizing compounds.

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