TDE Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Part of the Standard Performance (STP) family, Thermo Scientific™ TDE Series ultra-low temperature freezers, powered by H-drive, feature four upright models, maximizing storage capacity from 30,000 up to 60,000 2mL vials. The TDE Series is a sustainable and reliable solution with ultimate sample security and operational savings for every lab.
From our first ULT freezer in 1940 to today, the combined experience of REVCO, Forma Scientific, Jewett, Harris, and other families of products continues to drive our ability to deliver industry-leading innovations that help accelerate science and health care.

Features and Benefits


  • Powered by H-drive’s hydrocarbon technology, these systems save up to 25% in energy usage and heat rejection over conventional refrigerant ultra-low freezers1
  • Designed for daily usage, recovers cabinet temperature 20% faster after opening the door.2
  • A quiet sound output below 53 dBA, enables the freezer to come out of the hallway and into the lab
  • Meets +/-10°C validation protocols at -80°C with strong peak variation and steady-state temperature variation
  • Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants reduce system operating stresses promoting outstanding reliability and worry-free sample protection

User Friendly

  • The H-drive Information Center (HIC) combines easy to read temperature with simple capacitive touch buttons in a 5.6” display
  • Four capacities (300, 400, 500 and 600 2-inch box) to accommodate a variety of storage needs and lab footprint specifications
  • All models contain four inner doors allowing for easy sample access without exposing greater freezer content to ambient conditions
  • Improved customer convenience with new ergonomically designed handle, high contrast eye-level display, and comfortable easy-access shelf locations.
  • Compatible with most racking systems including a full range of Thermo Scientific™ racks for boxes, microplates, Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ and Nunc CryoBank™ tubes
  • Security features including alarm settings and padlock-compatible doors


  • Manufactured in an award-winning, zero-waste to landfill facility
  • Lower HVAC costs as a result of less heat emission into the environment
  • Natural refrigerants and water-blown foam insulation, making the Series compliant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP), the European Union’s F-Gas and other sustainability standards

Get Connected

The Thermo Scientific™ DeviceLink™ Connect remote monitoring solution helps provide peace of mind by enabling you to keep track of your equipment anytime, anywhere. This system supports independent sensors to monitor your instrument, but it can also be connected via serial port directly to the instrument, harnessing the on-board telemetry data, alarms, and events. All information is transmitted to the Thermo Fisher Connect cloud platform where you have 24/7 access to the information via InstrumentConnect’s web- and mobile-based applications. For more information visit

Compatible DeviceLink Connect System

Cat. No.Description
DLCKTULTS101Ultra-low temperature freezer

*Each kit includes a DeviceLink Connect system, 1-year basic monitoring subscription, power cable, commissioner USB, mounting hardware, and an applicable serial or USB cable.

Independent DeviceLink Connect Sensors

Cat. No.Description
DLCSKTEMP001DeviceLink Connect PT100 (-200°C to +600°C) temperature sensor and Smart-Cable adapter
DLCSKCURT001DeviceLink Connect current transducer (0-50A) with Smart-Cable adapter
DLCPTDOOR001Door Switch


  1. Internal data comparing 11.2 kWh/day to UXF600 = 14.9 kWh/day. Data on file.
  2. Typical freezer test data based on internal testing in ambient temperature at 20°C; Typical standard validation protocol of +/-10°C.

Performance Data:

Standard Mode
ModelEnergy Consumption*Peak Variation from Setpoint**Sound1-min Door Opening Recovery to -75°CWarm Up Time (-80°C to -50°C)***
TDE30086FA11.2+7.1 / -6.151.513255
TDE30086FD11.0+6.0 / -4.551.514277
TDE30086FV9.2+6.3 / -3.651.511268
TDE30086LA11.2+7.1 / -6.151.513255
TDE30086LD11.0+6.0 / -4.551.514277
TDE30086LV9.2+6.3 / -3.651.511268
TDE40086FA12.9+6.0 / -4.050.816277
TDE40086FD10.4+7.0 / -3.850.816305
TDE40086FV10.4+5.7 / -3.550.815271
TDE40086LA12.9+6.0 / -4.050.816277
TDE40086LD10.4+7.0 / -3.850.816305
TDE40086LV10.4+5.7 / -3.550.815271
TDE50086FA12.8+4.5 / -3.250.021302
TDE50086FD11.9+5.7 / -3.251.023304
TDE50086FV10.3+4.2 / -3.850.016312
TDE50086LA12.8+4.5 / -3.250.021302
TDE50086LD11.9+5.7 / -3.251.023304
TDE50086LV10.3+4.2 / -3.850.016312
TDE60086FA13.6+4.6 / -3.350.522343
TDE60086FD13.3+6.0 / -2.750.528329
TDE60086FV11.9+5.8 / -3.350.521352
TDE60086LA13.6+4.6 / -3.350.522343
TDE60086LD13.3+6.0 / -2.750.528329
TDE60086LV11.9+5.8 / -3.350.521352

* Energy Calculation: Typical freezer data based on internal testing with freezer setpoint at -80°C and ambient temperature at 20°C
** Peak Variation From Setpoint: Typical freezer data based on internal testing with freezer setpoint at -80°C and ambient temperature at 20°C
*** Warm Up Time: Typical freezer data based on internal testing with freezer setpoint at -80°C and ambient temperature at 20°C

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