SQ Detector 2

SQ Detector 2

Designed for the routine, prepared for the unexpected.

Compatible with the broadest range of chromatography platforms and ionization sources, the SQ Detector 2 is the ultimate single quadrupole mass detector for chromatography.

  • IntelliStart™ guarantees maximum system performance and usability for reproducible results
  • A wide mass range enables uncompromised analysis of both low and high molecular weight species
  • Versatile chromatographic options ensure compatibility with the broadest range of applications.
  • Universal Ion Source Architecture offers easy compatibility with the widest range of analytes

Features and Benefits

Mass Detection that’s easy to live with

IntelliStart™ Technology automates system setup so that non-expert users can acquire data with confidence that the system is operating optimally. An integrated system of fluidics, electronics, and software which continually monitors system performance, helps you tune for optimum sensitivity, creates optimized SIR analysis methods and enables easy reporting of whole system performance. Through a series of diagnostic checks, the MS detector can report when it is ready for use. Any failures trigger a red-light system status, which warns that action may be required before analysis can proceed.

A mass range as wide as you would need

With a mass range of 3000 Da, the SQ Detector 2 makes mass confirmation of large molecules easier than ever before, allowing you to see higher mass peaks and giving you more confidence in your mass assignments.

Future-proofing for the innovations of tomorrow

The universal ion source architecture of the SQ Detector 2 family allows the widest range of ionization techniques to be utilized as well as the very latest innovations in ionization technologies. You’ll have limitless choice in experimental options. When you need options and time is critical, the ion sources are quickly interchangeable and ready to use within minutes.


Walk-up accessibility

The OpenLynx™ Open Access Application Manager provides walk-up access for LC-MS operation in laboratories whose chemists have varying levels of instrumental analysis experience. OpenLynx also provides customizable batch processing to support the large amounts of data generated by high-throughput analyses. To accelerate the learning curve for instrument operation, OpenLynx leads you through sample submission, method selection, and reporting options. These routine analyses can be performed more efficiently when chemists submit their own samples, leaving instrumentation experts more time to focus on advanced analyses.




Accurate, reliable purification

FractionLynx™ Application Manager manages and automates your sample purification process. FractionLynx controls fraction collection and tracks your samples, their fractions, and associated data, all accessible through the FractionLynx browser. Offering flexible compound detection, fraction triggering and collection capabilities, you can tailor your purification system to your specific compound and laboratory needs utilizing several types of detection including MS, UV and ELSD, as well as various fraction triggering and collection options. FractionLynx is also compatible with OpenLynx Open Access to provide a simple walk-up purification solution.

Versatile chromotography compatibility

Designed for optimum compatibility with multiple chromatographic separation techniques, the SQ Detector 2 is perfectly placed to help you extract more knowledge from your analyses. The SQ Detector 2 is compatible with UPLC, UPC2, HPLC, GC, preparative HPLC and preparative SFC, as well as direct analysis with the ASAP probe.

ZSpray™ source architecture

Integral to the Universal Ionization Source, Waters’ patented ZSpray™ technology means that you get optimum performance and excellent reproducibility from your analysis. Providing exceptional resistance to contamination by involatile buffers, the unique dual orthogonal pathway gives superior separation of ions from neutrals, keeping the instrument cleaner for longer. This results in less down-time, higher laboratory efficiency, and better instrument utilization.

Ensures the correct result every time

Prepare – IntelliStart™ and Quanpedia™ enable rapid, automated set-up and checking of the system and all of its methods, coupled with automatically scheduling MRM transitions to maximize performance. 

Analyze – During analysis, QCMonitor will actively monitor the data in real time, taking action if any user specified tolerances are exceeded. 

Interpret – TargetLynx provides automated quantification and reporting, with automated highly visible flags reducing the possibility for error. 

Decide –TrendPlot enables you to visualize results over many days, weeks or months; providing valuable information on data trends and long term system performance.


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