RKZ - 40II

A multipurpose retort clave, designed for small-batch production of packed foods such as Ready-To-Eat Meals. It also can be used for some R&D purposes.

  • A counter pressure controlled with compressor
    An included compressor makes a counter pressure control properly to prevent pouches from deforming and bursting.

  • Selectable two cooling systems The longer the packaged foods are exposed to high temperature,
    the more the foods will go mushy, burnt odor, and discolor, and finally the commercial value will decrease, so it is necessary to lower the temperature immediately after sterilization. Thus, it has a function to cool rapidly the food stuff with a cooling shower after sterilization. In addition to the shower cooling, a submerged cooling is also available in which canned foods difficult to cool can be cooled efficiently.

  • Fully automatic operation just the start button After setting of the sterilization temperature, pressure, and time, just press the start button for fully automatic operation.       
  • F-value operation F-value is a numerical value that indicates the bactericidal strength of the packaged foods for the purpose of avoiding food poisoning. By setting and controlling a predetermined F-value according to the form of the foods, a reliable sterilization can be guaranteed..
  • Built-in recorder and Item temperature sensor A Built-in recorder converts a core temperature of the food measured by an item temperature sensor into the F-value to be displayed.

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