RKE - 40

An economical semi-automatic retort cooker for pre-packaged foods of a small-lot/pilot production. Ideal for those who plan to start food manufacturing and distribution on a small scale and at low cost.

  • The future of Retort foods (Ready-To-Eat Meals)
    The tendency in food procurement difficulties due to global-scale population growth, natural disasters, conflicts are supposed to remain unchanged. During the tendency, retort foods with function are expected to grow as they have a longer shelf life and can be stored under room temperature.

  • Required equipment to produce retort foods 1. Your owned cookware or others for cooking
    2. Vacuum packaging machine/sealer for packaging (optional equipment)
    3. Retort autoclave (this unit) for sterilizing the foods
    4. Water tank for cooling (prepare separately)

  • What you can do with this unit  Steam-sterilize retort foods packaged in pouches
    or so without burst: Generally, though packaged foods burst in case they are heated
    and cooled with an ordinary autoclave due to increase in pressure inside the package, this unit can prevent from that thanks to a counter pressure control.

 Minimize installation cost: With a small investment, a pouch with a capacity of 200g can sterilize up to 300 pcs. per day. (60-80 pouches can be loaded per operation). It is also the best equipment for pilot testing of food manufacturers.


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