RK - 3030

The best one for research and development of sustainable new packaging materials.

  • Toward “Sustainable Development Goals”
    For the development of packaging materials with reduced environmental load. Equipped with counter pressure system, hot water sterilization and multi- stage pressure control functions for sterilizing and cooling the packaged samples without bursting. It is most suitable unit for evaluation tests of packaging materials (stress test, printing test, dissolution test, etc.) as well as food development.

  • Possible for Hot water sterilization Foodstuffs with low heat permeability (lumps of meat, fish, vegetables, etc.) and packages not floating on water such as steel cans, glass bottles/jars, vaccum-packed retort pouches, etc. are suitable for the hot water sterilization. Suppresses temperature unevenness due to placement location in the chamber compared to the steam sterilization as the foodstuffs are submerged in water.

  • Pre-heating system shortens sterilization time Shortens the sterilization time and suppresses the heat denaturation of the foodstuffs by putting the foodstuffs in the chamber after making the chamber a preparation state at 90℃ (variable).       
  • Multi-stage pressure control A two-step pressure setting is provided for each of the sterilization and cooling enabling elaborate processing. It prevents deformation of the pouch and enables various examinations, and also makes it hard for jelly cups and packets of disposable contact lense to
    deform and burst.

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