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The PHERAstar®️ FSX is our most sensitive multi-mode reader for high-throughput screening, combining this sensitivity with fast read times. Thanks to the unique Optic Module system, Simultaneous Dual Emission, UV/vis spectrometer, and dedicated AlphaScreen®️ and TRF lasers, the PHERAstar FSX will perform your assay with ease and speed, even in 3456-well microplates.


No longer worry about installing filters and dichroics: the PHERAstar FSX comes with easy-to-handle, assay-optimized Optic Modules which contain all application-specific filters, mirrors, dichroics and/or polarizers, and are automatically recognized by the plate reader. In addition, the PHERAstar FSX is equipped with four matched and assay-optimized photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) which are automatically selected for the relevant detection mode. You can also measure assays with two emission wavelengths at the same time thanks to the Simultaneous Dual Emission.


For HTS automation purposes, the PHERAstar FSX offers improved robotic integration capabilities and multi-user control.


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