Optima MAX-TL

Reach the speeds you need for your separation demands with this compact, quiet and highly efficient tabletop ultracentrifuge.

Packed with advanced technology yet simple to operate, the Optima MAX-TL runs on multi-lingual software offering labs around the world greater efficiency and confidence in results. For added versatility, the MAX-TL ultracentrifuge is compatible with the existing Beckman Coulter TL-Series rotors and labware.

System Design

  • Designed as a total system for better efficiency
  • Rotors and labware have been manufactured and tested based on unique characteristics
  • Interplay of dynamics to ensure optimal performance and safety

Enhanced Safety

  • Fits in standard biosafety hoods
  • BioSafe optional dual PALL® Pharmaceutical Grade Sterilizing filters

Energy Efficient

  • Optional pharmaceutical grade sterilizing filter offers multi-layered approach
  • BioSafetyFully compatible with existing TL-series rotors and labware

User-Friendly, Multilingual Interface 

  • Full color LCD touchscreen display 
  • Allows for large icons for easy selection
  • Touchscreen works with many glove types
  • 9 different languages available for the intuitive interface (most in industry)

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