MC-40 Autoclave

Robust, easy to maintain as a simple structure. Available in a top model with the Max. temp. 150℃. Ideal for sterilizing wastes.

  • Robust as a simple structure hard to break.
    Designed to be “Robust due to a simple structure hard to break” having with manual lid handles and an operation panel intuitively easy to operate.
  • A wide range of chamber volume 20-120L with space saving Selectable chamber volume from a wide range depending on an amount of the load per cycle. Not take up much space due to a vertical structure, even a large chamber volume.
  • Max. Temperature 150℃ As the 3032S/L models can be set up to 150℃, enabling you to sterilize a prion-contaminated item and to utilize for material evaluation test.
  • Available a warm air drying function as an additional series
    -DP models Drains automatically and blows warm air the loads* to get dried without taking out. *Loads to be dried are limited to unwrapped items such as metal and glassware.
    Wrapped items and clothing are not designed to dry.
  • Corresponds to IQ/OQ in GMP or GLP We provide IQ/OQ documentations as an option.
Optimal for sterilizing wastes The durable and hard-to-brake structure is ideal for sterilizing wastes.

Features and Benefits

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