AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometry System
Sample preparation and data management usually are the major bottlenecks in routine flow cytometry. Even with a semi-automated process, you and your team may spend hundreds of hours per year for tasks that don’t add to your laboratory’s productivity.
Application: TBNK Analysis, CD4 Testing

Key Features

-Work with a system that combines sample preparation and analysis in one compact platform.
-Provide a 24/7 flow cytometry service as the AQUIOS CL can be run by less experienced operators. 
-Increase productivity with high-throughput performance that eliminates many of the least efficient features of existing systems. 
-Minimize the potential for user error inherent in existing systems that require numerous manual steps to set up and run. 
-Discover the AQUIOS Tetra System for Lymphocyte Subset Analysis, AQUIOS PLG or CD4 testing or automate your own user-defined assay with AQUIOS Designer Software.
-AQUIOS CL Safety Features for Handling Potentially Biohazardous Sample Material

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