GenePure Pro 96

GenePure Pro 96 can achieve the automatic nucleic acid purification of samples such as whole blood, cells, tissue etc. which greatly save user’s time and strength the efficiency.

It has characteristics of small dimension, light weight and low noise. The embedded operation system can do real-time controlling with large crystal screen panel. With the transparent working cavity, users can easily see the working condition of experiment, which ensure the safety and stability of the experiment. The equipment is also equipped with various safety features such as the door-opening protection, super limit position protection and alarm, all of these supplies the experience of safety and stability.


  • HD Transparent Protective Door
    Device running state can be observed in real-time
  • UV Sterilization Lamp
    Manually open or set automatic opening time
  • Zero Aerosol Pollution
    Heating technology with high shaking rate, efficiently avoids aerosol pollution
  • Automatic Locking Protective Door
    Door-opening protective function, avoid pollution and keep safety.
  • Easy to maintain
    Replace magnetic rod by professional engineer or by users


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