Chemiluminescence and Flourescence

Chemiluminescence & Fluorescence systems are available as fully automated or manual version, with several ranges of CCD camera specifications and darkroom options. All systems are designed to be user friendly in operation which is supported by an intuitive user interface and software.
The unrivaled FUSION is ideal for chemiluminescence, bioluminescence and UV fluorescence applications.
Sensitivity is a key feature to detect a protein expressed at low levels. Broad linear dynamic range is necessary to compare weak and strong signals in the same image.
The FUSION is a high-end ultrasensitive Scientific optical system, designed to extract the lowest level of detection from your protein. The Fusion systems’ cameras use the latest generation of sensors and semi-conductors. Combined with our unique build-in High Sensitivity Reading (HSR) technology and our unrivalled V.070 lens, the FUSION is the most sensitive system and the best for publication, quantification and documentation grade imaging.


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