EMnetik 24 System

DNA Cleanup for Genetic Engineering

Monotonous, time-consuming column cleanup has been around since 1991—so a change is long overdue. And now it’s here. Replace your typical column cleanup steps with the benchtop EMnetik 24 System. You’ll spend half the time on PCR cleanup, which means you’ll have more time for the important activities in your lab. Bring your PCR cleanup and plasmid prep into the 21st century.

Benefits of the EMnetik System:

  • ~2x faster turnaround time compared to column cleanups (16 min vs 30 min)
  • >80% recovery (comparable to column cleanup kits)
  • Significantly fewer touchpoints (< 50 touchpoints compared to 300 for columns)
    • No need to handle small columns or use a single-channel pipette
    • Move samples from a thermocycler to the EMnetik 24 system, and don’t move them again until final elution
  • Intuitive user interface removes guesswork by providing clear, step-by-step instructions

Column-based cleanups are officially history.

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