DS-11 Microvolume Spectrophotometer

UV-Vis Microvolume and Cuvette Spectrophotometer, Flourescence 

The DeNovix team developed a combination of opto-mechanical components and software
algorithms that optimize results for every sample. Micron-level pathlength control and immediate
absorbance feedback deliver the most sensitive and accurate microvolume measurements. 
DeNovix Spectrophotometers quantify nucleic acids and protein using only 0.5 – 1.0 µL of sample. Just pipette and measure – no dilutions necessary. Instant on-screen results
includes concentration, a full spectrum output, purity ratios and SmartQC™ contamination alerts. DeNovix SmartPath® Technology ensures instruments are calibrated for life
with no drift or service downtime. Bridge Testing® eliminates broken samples columns and ensures exceptional results, even for 1 µL protein samples.
Use standard quartz or disposable cuvettes for up to 10 mm pathlength absorbance measurements (190-840 nm). Cuvette applications include nucleic acids, proteins, colorimetric assays, OD600 and custom standard curves. 
Systems include a cuvette block heater for Kinetics studies from 37-45°C. Improve the detection limit of dsDNA 1000X by using fluorescent techniques. Specialized assay chemistries enable highly sensitive and molecule specific quantification, e.g. measuring only dsDNA in samples containing RNA and other contaminants. With four user-selectable LED excitations sources, DeNovix fluorometers are compatible with most commonly available fluorescence kits including DeNovix RNA, DeNovix dsDNA and Qubit® Fluorescence Assays.

Key Features

  • Quantify DNA, RNA and protein in less than 3 sec
  • Widest dynamic range and lowest detection limit
    0.75 – 37500 ng/µL dsDNA
  • No routine maintenance or recalibration required
  • Full spectrum UV-Vis analysis using 0.5 – 1.0 µL of sample

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