CL - 32L Autoclave

A best-selling & price-performance top-loading
laboratory autoclave with one-action safety
interlock lid. Handy with functionality.
  • A good price performance by skilled craftsmanship
    ALP’s skilled craftsmanship realizes a good price
    performance with Japanese High Quality.

  • One-action safety interlock lid. Simply slide the lock lever one action to close the lid

  • Safety comes first. At the end of the cycle, the lid will not be released until
    temperature has reached safe prescribed levels.       
  • Three operation modes as standard.  In addition to “Sterilization” pattern, “Sterilization/Warming”
    and “Dissolving/ Warming” patterns as standard. Possible
    for a liquid sterilization depending on the setting.
  • Suppresses odor while operation The incorporated water cooling device cools the discharged steam internally
    to turn it into water droplets, so it does not raise the humidity of the
    surrounding environment and suppresses odors during processing.
  • A wide variety of options. 
    *Floating sensor: Measures a load temperature
    *Printer: Prints the temperature and time on roll paper
    *Rapid cooling fan: Shortens the temperature drop time with cooling fan
    *Recorder: Profiles the temperature and time of multiple sensors
  • Corresponds to IQ/OQ in GMP, GLP.
    We provide IQ/OQ documentations as an option.

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