MPS 25 Microplate Centrifuge

  • Space saving design, 19 x 20 cm
  • Quiet & simple operation
  • Easy plate loading guides
  • Quickly spins down droplets and condensation
  • Use before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR yield

Newton Scientific Clinical Centrifuges is ideal for quick spin down of microplates. It is equipped with a dual-position vertical rotor that accepts a wide variety of PCR plates; 96-well, 384-well, skirted and non skirted. Sealed plates are loaded vertically – surface tension keeps samples in place so there is no danger of spilling samples. The rotor features integral plate guides, ensuring that the plates stay vertical and do not tip inside the rotor.

Unique design of the MPS 25 results in a compact centrifuge that has an extremely small footprint at just 19 x 20 cm.

Upon closing the lid, the unit quickly accelerates to 2,500 rpm. Pressing the open button engages the brake and brings the rotor to a stop.


Cat. No.



MPS 25

Max Speed:

2500 rpm



Max RCF:

500 x g

Max Capacity:

2 plates


110-220V, 50/60 Hz

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