RADIAN ASAP Direct Mass Detector

The Power of Knowing Now

Whether you are looking to improve your drug discovery cycle, expand your client services, or simply become more competitive in your turnaround times; integrating direct MS analysis can drive multiple system-wide efficiencies helping to achieve your operational goals. Combining flexibility, ease of operation and speed without the need for complex sample preparation, separation or extensive MS experience, the RADIAN ASAP helps you and your laboratory achieve more.

  • Simple operation and data interpretation
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • No separation required
  • Real-time results and classification.

Compact Without Compromise

The RADIAN ASAP is a novel, dedicated direct analysis system specifically designed for rapid, easy and low-cost analysis of liquids and solids. Engineered using proven and robust single quadrupole mass spectrometry technology combined with the Atmospheric Pressure Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP), the RADIAN ASAP delivers quality and ease of use in a compact footprint. 

The single quadrupole mass detector provides high quality mass spectral data, without the need for any special training or expertise thus eliminating any need to contract out and wait for results from specialist analytical service laboratories.




Rapid triage of seized drug materials

Knowing now with RADIAN ASAP and LiveID ensures crime labs can quickly screen samples against a library of known compounds for rapid, confident identification of illicit drugs. The sensitivity and selectivity of mass spectrometry provides confidence in detecting drugs with an easy, efficient triage workflow.

Food & Environmental

Assess food integrity

The threat posed by food fraud has created additional demands on both the food industry and regulators to protect food consumers and maintain brand reputation. Knowing now with RADIAN ASAP and LiveID offers a powerful combination of mass spectrometry and chemometric modelling, which allows users to easily and efficiently screen samples and make quicker decisions.

Chemicals and Materials

Fast chemical analysis for improved formulation testing

Knowing now with RADIAN ASAP and IonLynx supports QC and Development Labs in the chemical industry to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Workflows, such as fast chemical analysis for improved formulation testing or material release testing, can be streamlined. Features including thermal gradient analysis are ideal for complex samples commonly seen in the chemical industry.


Discovery reaction monitoring 

The demand to accelerate the drug discovery and development process has never been higher. Knowing now with RADIAN ASAP provides synthetic chemists easy access to mass spectral data for near instantaneous assessment of reaction progress and identification of purification fractions, increasing lab efficiency.

LiveID – Authenticity Testing

For customers investigating the authenticity, adulteration and quality of food or raw materials, LiveID uses statistical models to classify samples. First, authentic or verified samples are used to create and validate a statistical model. The validated model can then be used with test samples and generate live classifications. The output is a simple to interpret yes/no answer.






LiveID – Library Matching

LiveID is also capable of real time library matching workflows, where the software matches all compounds in the library against each sample analyzed, giving a score out of 1000, where values close to 1000 indicate it is likely the compound of interest is in the sample; lower scores indicate it is unlikely to be present in the sample





Automated data processing and reporting

OpenLynx processing provides user customizable processing capabilities to generate automated mass confirmation reports in either pdf, printed or browser format.

IonLynx allows users to determine levels and relative ratios of analytes of interest in complex samples to aid decision making in QC and formulation monitoring. IonLynx provides automated processing and reporting of non-chromatographic data sets, such as those generated by RADIAN ASAP.

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