ACQUITY Premier System

Maximizing the sensitivity, repeatability, and robustness of your LC and LC-MS applications is critical. The ACQUITY Premier System is the next evolution of the Performance LC System which include the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class PLUS and ACQUITY UPLC I-Class PLUS Systems. Along with the reliability, ruggedness, high quality, and configuration flexibility you expect from the ACQUITY UPLC PLUS Series, the ACQUITY Premier System delivers a step change in chromatographic performance, lab efficiency, and risk control.

The ACQUITY Premier System features MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS) Technology, which offers improvements in separation and detection of metal-sensitive analytes, enabling you to minimize the risk of undetected analytes – for increased efficiency and confidence in your results.


  • Minimize risk of undetected analytes with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS) Technology
  • Decrease time-to-result and increase overall efficiency by eliminating time-consuming system and column passivation
  • Improve peak shape and reproducibility for the most challenging metal-sensitive compounds
  • Achieve high-precision injections with direct inject sampling
  • Reduce time on method development
  • Multi-software platform support options with Empower, MassLynx, and UNIFI

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